If you are considering Baptism for either your child or for yourself then you have come to the right place. At St. Barnabas we welcome everyone who is considering Baptism.

What is Baptism?

Baptism marks the beginning of our Christian journey with God. During the service the minister will pour a small amount of water onto the person’s forehead and then mark the forehead with the sign of a cross, from which the term Christening comes from. A lit candle is presented to represent the passing from darkness into the light of Jesus Christ.

Who can be baptised at St Barnabas?
Anyone can be baptised who is living in the parish of St Barnabas or who has strong links with the church, for example a regular attendee of services at St Barnabas. If you're not sure if you live in the parish it is best to contact the Parish Office

Who do I contact to arrange the baptism?
Contact the Parish Office at who will arrange for the rector or associate rector to visit. Once they have talked with you about Baptism, they will give you a form to fill in.

What happens next?

Return the form to the office by hand or by post. Click here for the address. Once the completed form has been received back at the office, you will be given a date for the ceremony. Next, we will arrange for one of our visiting Baptism Teams to contact you and arrange to come and visit you in your own home, if you live in the Parish. At this visit you will be shown a short DVD about Baptism and will discuss the arrangements for the service.

What is the cost of the baptism ceremony?
The service of baptism is free, but if you would like to make a donation to the church it would be kindly received.

When can the baptism take place?
Baptism normally takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month during the 10.30am Sunday service. This is to emphasise the fact that being baptised marks an entry into the Christian community, and so we need members of the church family present to welcome the newly baptised.  It is also an opportunity for those already baptised to reaffirm their faith.

What about the godparents?
The godparents must be baptised, and preferably confirmed, before they can carry out their responsibilities. They are to be Christian 'role models' for the child. For each of those being baptised there should be no fewer than three godparents. Please make sure you have at least one godparent who is the same sex as the person being baptised.

Is baptism only for babies?
Traditionally, the Church of England has usually baptised babies. Increasingly these days adults are asking for baptism having not been baptised in infancy.  In many ways, making a delibrate choice to be baptised because of faith in Jesus Christ conforms more naturally to the Biblical pattern, and mirrors the example of Jesus himself.


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