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Why a Christian Funeral Service?
St. Paul describes death as 'the last enemy': it is something we all have to face. As Christians we believe that all life is a gift from God. A funeral is a time to thank God for the life we have shared with our loved one; it is a time to express our pain and ask for God's comfort and support in our grief. It is also a time to think about our own relationship with God. An important part of the funeral service is the 'Commendation', when we entrust the soul of our loved one to God's mercy for eternity.

Can the funeral be in church?

Our clergy are always willing to take a funeral service at either the crematorium or cemetery.  However, there are advantages to a church funeral. For one thing, there is the atmosphere of prayer within which we can say our farewells, and entrust our loved one to God. For another, there is not the same time constraint as at the crematorium or cemetery. This allows us to create a service which is truly suited to the circumstances of the deceased person and their family and friends. We are always glad to tailor a service to make it truly personal.

How do I make arrangements?

Simply ask you funeral director to contact  our Team office using the details in the Contact tab above and we will take it from there. We have several ordained and lay people who are able to officiate at funerals in the location of your choice. Normally, the minister will visit you in your home to discuss the service or (if you live further afield) you can either visit him/her or have a telephone conversation.

Additional Support

If you have any concerns after the funeral then we have people willing to come and sit and listen to your concerns. If you would like someone to come and visit you then please let a member of the clergy know. We would also like you to be aware of our New Beginnings Group which is aimed at people who have suffered a loss and are looking for some mutual support as they face life without their loved one.