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How do we pay for St. Barnabas

Q.        How much does it cost to run St. Barnabas?

A.        Every week we have to find over £2,000 to keep St. Barnabas open. In 2013 we spent £21,879 more than we received, that’s £420 a week.


Q.        Who pays for St. Barnabas?

A.        We do! Members of our congregation and others in our local community support us by making regular donations. We also earn a small amount of money from weddings and funerals.


Q.        Isn’t the Church of England rich?

A.        At a national level, the Church Commissioners manage around £5.5 billion of investments which generate approximately £164 million income every year. This money is used to pay clergy pensions, Bishop’s costs and support for Diocese’s and Parishes in the most deprived areas of the county. As such churches in the Diocese of Chester like St. Barnabas don’t receive any share of this money. We are expected to contribute to help parishes who have even less than we do!


Q.        What does St. Barnabas spend its money on?

A.        About half our expenditure goes to the Diocese of Chester to pay for our clergy. This year we have to find £52,000 to ensure that we have properly trained and resourced clergy to enable them to be there when you need them. We also have to pay for insurance and for light and heat in the church to provide a warm welcome for everyone who comes through our doors.


Q.  What about the church building?

A.        It is a privilege for us to be able to use the church building and to share it with everyone who lives and works in Bromborough. However, as a 150 year old Grade 2* listed building, it is a very expensive building to run and maintain. Over the last 20 years we have made several improvements to the building including a new roof and a new energy efficient heating system. Despite this it still costs us around £8,000 a year to heat the building.


Q.        The building will still be here in another 150 years though won’t it?

A.        We do our best to maintain the building but like many buildings of its age it requires a lot of money spending on it to keep it going. We also have a backlog of repairs which need to be done to things like the organ, the bells, the clock and the structure of the tower, but no way of being able to pay for all the work without help.


Q.        The government will pay won’t it?

A.        No. We have to find all the money ourselves. There are various grants which we can apply for, but they won’t pay for everything.


Q.        Is there anything I can do to help?

A.        If you would like to support your local church to ensure that we are here when you need us to welcome a new member of your family through baptism, or to celebrate a family wedding, or to give thanks for a life now ended, then there are a number of ways in which you can help.

You can make a one off donation at any time by sending a cheque made payable to ‘Bromborough Parochial Church Council’ to the PCC Treasurer, Parish Office, St. Barnabas Village Centre, Church Square, Bromborough, CH62 2EB.

You might decide you would like to make a regular donation like many other people through a Standing Order. Please contact the Treasurer at the address above or by email at treasurer@stbarnabasbromborough.org.uk who can supply a form and further details.

If you’re a UK taxpayer then ask about Gift Aid as that could make your donation go even further as we could claim an extra 20p for every £1 you donate from the Government.

You can also consider leaving St Barnabas a legacy in your will. Not only will this continue to help the church after you’ve gone, but it could also help reduce any Inheritance Tax bill. Please contact the treasurer for more details or discuss the matter with your financial or legal advisor.


The facility for on-line and text donations will be available in due course.