19th June

What a wonderful time we had last weekend as we joined the nation to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday alongside our own celebrations for St Barnabas. My personal thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to making the events so successful

A few small things this week to think about. 

I notice with some concern that a number of people are developing the habit of having a chat during worship. Frequently, this occurs during, or immediately after communion, a time set aside for personal prayer and reflection. I appreciate that there are times when a word needs to be said or when a short comment is helpful and supportive. I have had one or two complaints about this so I am bringing it to the attention of the whole church family. I am NOT including the children in this. I think they do very well and if you are working with them then of course you will need to speak! 

The rota for the summer has been published. It was very difficult to complete as we are falling short of volunteers in several areas. I am interested in recruiting one or two servers, especially someone who might do the 8 am service on occasion. It would also be helpful to have more sidespeople at all services, but especially for the 8 am and Wednesday morning services. Is God calling you to serve in some way? I have heard people say that they are not good enough but if that were so then not one of us would be able to do anything. Remember the words of the prayer of humble access this week, ‘We are not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs from under your table, but you are the same Lord, whose nature is always to have mercy‘. In Christ we are made new. We are all worthy. 

Please speak to me if you are interested in helping more in any way: training and encouragement will be given. 

Have a good week,

Every blessing,


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