28th February 2016

Last Sunday some of you were present at the baptism of Natalie who I married in November 2014 and who has been worshipping with us for some time. She is the latest of a number of adults who we have been privileged to welcome into the family of faith at St Barnabas. 

The Church of England’s guideline is that if an adult seeks baptism they should also be confirmed. At confirmation, the Bishop lays hands on each person who is presented to be confirmed and prays for the Holy Spirit to come upon them, to ‘confirm’ in them the promises made at baptism and to enable them to follow Jesus. For those baptised as children, it is when we make the promises for ourselves. For those who were baptised as adults, it is the seal of the baptism promises. Confirmation brings us into full membership of the Church and is a commitment to be a disciple (follower) of Christ. 

I have been approached recently by a number of people who wished to be confirmed. These are folk of varying ages and experience but each wanting to make a further commitment beyond baptism. They are all part of our Church family worshipping either on a Sunday or during the week. With this in mind I have asked Bishop Keith, Bishop of Birkenhead to come to St Barnabas and he will do so on Sunday 24th April, probably at 6 pm though the time is to be confirmed. 

Would you like to be confirmed? Would you like to be baptised and confirmed? Would you like to ask more questions about what it means? On this matter, I am aware that occasionally, people have been taking communion for years but have never had confirmation and feel a bit embarrassed to say anything. Please don’t feel that. There is no need. 

Whatever your circumstances, please feel confident to approach me about this matter. It is usual to have some form of preparation and I am keen to set this up soon in a way that is appropriate for all those who will be involved. 

Is God calling you to take the next step? 

For those of you who are already confirmed, please put the date in your diary so that you can come and support those for whom this is a new point on their journey in faith. Please pray for all those who are thinking about taking this step, that the Holy Spirit will strengthen and guide them as they deepen their Christian commitment. 

With every blessing 


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