28th April 2016

It has been an extraordinary week and it’s not over yet. Thank you to all of you who attended my surprise birthday party and to those who couldn’t but sent good wishes, gifts and cards (not necessary but very much appreciated.) The food was amazing and the company excellent. You are a generous and kind group of people and it is a privilege to serve alongside you. My birthday was a wonderful day and my younger daughter Anna appeared from Sheffield as an extra treat for me.  

I have experienced that kindness in many ways over the last few weeks whilst I have been ill. Bit by bit I am getting better. I am grateful to Elaine, Lynne, Carol and Thelma, Jenny, Steve, Ros and others who have not only taken on extra responsibilities but who have generously insisted that I make sure I am properly well before I take on my full allocation of duties. To this end I am taking a bit more time away this weekend and I hope that as a result, ‘normal service’ will be resumed shortly.  

Jesus teaches us to love one another: it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and a sign that he is working within us. We are commanded to love, not just those who we like but those that we struggle to like too. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to do that.  

One important part of that teaching is the way that we love others should be as we love ourselves. This is important. Without good self-care we do not honour the gift of life that God has given to us: we cannot sustain ourselves so that we can work as agents for the kingdom, we have no love for others if we have not nurtured our inner self. This comes in the form of appropriate food, good rest and sleep and boundaries that for some of us involve learning to say no! 

I am not always good at loving me. It is quite counter cultural. How far do we go before we become selfish? What about you? Do you look after yourself with the same generosity and love that you have shown to me? ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ (Mark 12.31) This week think and pray on these words and ask God to show you how you need to modify your behaviour to enable you live out this basic principal that underpins our Christian faith. 

With every blessing 




I cannot end without a special word of thanks to Logan for the many lines he has written over the past few weeks. He has taught me a thing or two and certainly kept many of you entertained. The pressure is on to keep up the standards! Perhaps we shall have to ask him to continue his own ‘Paws for thought’ column in our monthly newsletter.  


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