20th December 2015

I particularly love saying the liturgy of morning and evening prayer in advent and my favourite days are those that   immediately precede Christmas. When we began this  morning I felt a quickening of my spirit and a bubble of  excitement. He is coming! 

December 17 marks the beginning of the "O" Antiphons, an ancient part of our liturgy, dating back to the fourth      century, one for each day until Christmas Eve. These antiphons address Christ with seven Messianic titles, based on the Old Testament prophecies and types of Christ. The Church recalls the variety of the ills of man before the  coming of the Redeemer.

The "O" Antiphons are the verses for the ancient hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel. The first letter of the Messianic titles: Emmanuel, Rex, Oriens, Clavis, Radix, Adonai, Sapientia—spell out Latin words ERO CRAS, meaning, "Tomorrow, I will come."

Thoughts and prayers for you all as you prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ into the world. May the joy and excitement of his coming be born again within you this Christmas.

Advent blessings,


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