27th September 2015

Rectory Reflections


‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun.’ So begins John Keats’ poem ‘Ode to Autumn’. It’s one of my favourites. Each day that I walk in the woods there are          increasing signs that Autumn is here. The sun is lower and the trees are turning from a deep green through to shades of yellow and red. Day by day there are more leaves to walk through and Logi, my four legged  companion on such adventures, rustles as he runs.

Do you rejoice in Autumn or does it make you feel sad? I don’t like to see the summer go, don’t welcome the darkening mornings and evenings but over the last five years I have begun to see things differently. As much is it is a season where things begin to wither and die, there remain signs of life and the knowledge that before the bluebells can come again, the foliage must die back and endure the winter frosts that kill back many of the things that threaten the health of the woodland in which I walk.


Life after death is a central theme of the Christian faith. Jesus gave himself up to death on the cross so that we could be set free from our sins. He died so that we can live and when we put our faith and trust in him we have the promise of eternal life. The baptism service speaks of dying to our sin and rising in new life.


This is not simply about what happens when we die.  When we turn to   Jesus he is with us now. In him we can live differently experiencing is love, his comfort and his joy. Through his spirit he gives us the strength to walk in his ways and the wisdom to know something about how to do that.

Get into the habit of looking about you and seeing where Jesus is in your life, in your difficulties, in your every day living, in the people that you meet. The world we live in is not an easy place but God is with us.

Lord, give us eyes that we may see your presence in our lives.

Every blessing,









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