25th October 2015

As I look out of my kitchen window, the view brings to mind a visit I made recently to see a dear friend. It was lovely to catch up with someone who knows me well and with whom I have built up years of trust.

Trust is a difficult thing to develop. It takes time and can be hampered or developed as a consequence of the way that people behave, the things that they say and indeed by our personalities and our past experiences.

Given that as people, not one of us is perfect for we ‘have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God’ (Romans 3.23).  It is right and proper that we never completely trust someone with all of ourselves. But, without any trust, it is very difficult for individuals and communities to grow and function effectively.

Do you trust the leadership of the church, the PCC, me? How far does that trust go? Do you trust in God (to whom we give our offerings) to build his Church? To you trust him to provide for you? In a recent survey, it was demonstrated that where a congregation know Jesus and trust the leadership, the amount of giving, and the number committed to planned giving, increases.

If you do trust, consider whether your financial giving and the manner in which you give demonstrates that. If you don’t trust us then PLEASE talk to someone about that.

Every blessing,




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