11th October 2015

What is God’s vision for our Church?


Over the past two years (for some of you much longer than that) we have been seeking God’s vision for our church.  I have my own ideas about what it could or should be like. However, even more important than that is listening to what God wants us to be in this place at this time and to join in with his mission. We discern this through prayer and through listening to one another.


The PCC has created a vision statement. It says this:

We see a church that has Jesus at the centre, is at the heart of the community, is a welcoming and accessible place for all who come, growing in size and developing the faith of those with whom it is connected.’


It is a great vision. What we are now working on is the steps that we need to take in order to make sure that we live it out. Over the past year my focus has been on developing relationships with our schools, who will all come here this year for Harvest and Christmas, as well as developing our wider ministry within the community. In the past 12 months we have increased the number of baptisms and the number of funerals. People are beginning to want to come to St Barnabas and to be a part of our community, however small that part is.


One of the ways in which we have begun to live out our vision is by employing an administrator for the parish and PA to the Rector for 20 hours per week. Our volunteer force is at full stretch so it has been essential to employ someone to do the work that others cannot. Ros Wood has been a brilliant asset. We want to keep her.


Another part of our vision, growth through developing a family congregation, comes through Messy Church and Kids’ Church. There has been growth in both of these congregations which is exciting but to develop further, including providing further support for our older members, we need to grow our financial resources.

Can you share in that vision? Do you trust your leadership team to begin to make it happen? Without growth, we have a very short term future. Without an increase in our finances we have no future at all.


Every blessing,






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