4th October 2015

‘Everyone knows that Vicars only work on Sundays!’ 

I guess that goes for Rectors too? I have to say that I haven’t met any clergy colleagues for whom that is true. Whether you are paid as I am to be, ‘available to the parish’ or give of your time voluntarily as Elaine does, there is much more involved than the one day a week that has been the subject of many jokes over the years

In the past six months I have been able to visit all of the schools more than once, attend a series of meetings on our behalf, visit baptism, wedding and funeral families in wonderfully growing numbers, visit people in need   sometimes in hospital, take home communions, attend our own standing committee, PCC, centre and institute meetings and write worship materials and a range of letters and documents. I prepare for services and even sermons that are preached without notes require some reading and planning! All this takes time.

In this parish, I am very grateful that people are supportive of the clergy, understanding of our workload and caring of us as people. It is a privilege to minister in that environment. Life is busy but it is NEVER too busy for people. Someone who needed some of my time this week said (when I asked why they had not asked to see me sooner) ‘but you are always rushing about and I know you are busy.’

There is truth in this but people come first. It is rare that I cannot juggle a bit of time to see those in need, though I don’t always know who those people are.

Please do feel that you can ask either Elaine or I for an appointment if you need one. We will do our best to meet with you as soon as we can.

Every blessing,



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